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Bringing the Pharmacy to You

Are You Tired Yet? 

Are you tired of driving all the way to your pharmacy and waiting in a long line, only to be told your medication isn’t ready yet and that you’ll have to wait longer; or even worse you’ll have to come back the next day? You’ve just spent your energy, gas, and time with nothing to show for it. Time that could be used for more useful things than waiting in line.

Let Us Do The Waiting For You

One of our vetted and friendly Couriers will gladly go to your local pharmacy on your behalf, wait in line, wait until your medications are ready, and hand deliver them to your front door on all requests made before noon same day

We Know the Struggle

Many of our Couriers have worked or currently work in the Pharmacy Field; so they understand the frustrations and challenges for patients when it comes to picking up medications. With their behind the scenes knowledge of how the Pharmacy works, they can explain and guide you on what steps need to be taken if there is a problem when picking up your medication.

How Easy is It?

With Rx From Home, it’s as easy as submitting your request, getting your confirmation message, and then making sure you or someone you trust is at home to receive and sign for your medication(s) from our friendly couriers. 

For full details and requirements for enrollment, view our How It Works section.

What Makes Us Different From your Pharmacy?

Traditional Pharmacies that offer delivery, typically are unable to delivery liquid medications, cold medications, or controlled medications; meaning patients still need to go to their pharmacies in person to pick up these scripts. Rx From Home combats this challenge for patients by offering same day delivery of all these types of medications. We have sealed secure packaging and cold transport, guaranteed to get your medications to you safe and sound. 

On top of that, our patients never have to worry about having to go from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for a specific medication. Our determined couriers will do all the work to get your medications from the pharmacy to your front door.


We are here to help. Our regular support hours are the following:

Monday-Friday | 10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday-Sunday | CLOSED

Use our chat feature and a helpful RxFromHome team member will respond ASAP!

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